26 April 2014

New acquaintance...

At this very moment my ankles are being used as a scratching post, by this 7 week old sweetie that is now ours!  She is very small, was full of fleas, dozens of them!  Gave her a bath and spend ages sorting out that problem.  She has a healthy appetite and uses a litter box.  Our 3-year Siamese is sulking at the intrusion!  And since starting to write this, is fast asleep.

Found some time to make some April Block Lotto blocks:

 And these are the March Lotto blocks I won, laid our in different ways, and using different colour effects with my phone camera.


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  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I have noticed that Cape Town dot on my world map many times. :-) I love those Lotto Blocks you won. I used to participate in that Lotto. I think it's time to join up again.


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