29 July 2014

Some sewing and sharing...

I've been working on my Assignment 2 pieces, but don't want to show photos yet.  I think I have completion phobia, as I get to "almost" finished and then put it aside!

Made one block for the Block Lotto for July, I cut out three but lost enthusiasm to sew the other two, mainly because wrong foot on daughter's machine and I was itching to complete the samples for the demo I'm doing this Saturday at our Guild.  It's our annual Sampler Day and about 10 of us (who are doing the SAQG Teachers' Accreditation Course) were asked to volunteer a 9 minute demo, which is repeated 10 times as small groups circulate to each table.

A couple of weeks ago I did a class with Sheila Walwyn.  Although she is an experienced quilt artist, this was her first formal class, and she and the class were great.  This is my piece in progress, have subsequently put all the pieces on, next to add some stitches with the new baby (see further!):

A picture of Creative Quilters' annual Christmas in July and the wonderful gift I received from Cathy and Nicola:

...hmmm, I've had this new baby a week now and have yet to take it out of the box.  I need a good two hours clear so I can play!!  It is a Pfaff Passport 2.0 - I am a serious Pfaff fan, I have two straight-stitch only Grand Quilters which I love.  My old 1212 died and having struggled with the Assignments and that applique piece above on T's 40-year old machine, just knew it was time to get a machine that sews buttonhole stitches (not just buttonholes!)

 One block for Creative Quilters:

And finally some pictures of the garden, the almost completed shed and the fur babies almost being civil:

 Happy sewing!

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