30 December 2014

Looking forward to the New Year

Can't show the sewing I've done until Thursday - for the first time I managed to make the Block Lotto blocks from the preview instructions!  But here are some other photos....

Twenty-five bow-tie blocks made by Creative Quilters - will make a fun quilt - congratulations to Marianne who got to take them all home.  This was a successful exercise in colour value.

 Views from the top floor of our local shopping centre (Cavendish Square) on Christmas Eve (not last-minute shopping - the only shopping!).  The first one facing south, and wondering what they are going to build in the excavated plot - there was a low-rise building there a month ago.  The second is a north-facing view of the back of Table Mountain - one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World - I can never get enough of looking at it!

My plan for 2015 are to sew more and blog more.  My Mum is improving, and physiotherapist thinks she may even be successful in getting her to walk a few steps with a walker - I do hope so!  Saw all the therapists today and all three were pleased with her progress - just got to get the staff at the Care Facility to understand that she needs to sometimes be in her room to practice her homework and not to just sit in their communal lounge mindlessly watching sport on TV (yes, that's what it seems they think the residents want to do and watch).  My sisters and I face selling her house, and either selling or storing her furniture -  more than 40 years of love in the house my parents built - a difficult thing to do.

05 December 2014

Early Christmas Lunch

A delightful lunch held yesterday for the residents and families of the care centre where Mum is staying for now.


02 December 2014

More pieced blocks...

...so last night...I'll just look for some fabrics for these....ok, I'll just cut them out.....ok, I'll just sew one....and magically, all six were done !    On my sewing table I have been keeping a growing pile of fabric pieces that were too small to put back in the drawers, and yet I couldn't bring myself to cut them into usable squares or rectangles or strips - and it was great to use these fabrics for the Block Lotto blocks where various sizes and shapes of one fabric are needed - without having an overwhelming fabric choice!

My mother is improving steadily, but it will be a long road to a reasonable recovery.  Our first choice of a care facility was a mistake and after three (sleepless for all) nights we moved her to a good place.  The new therapists have all been to assess her and are planning the continuing therapies she'll need.