02 December 2014

More pieced blocks...

...so last night...I'll just look for some fabrics for these....ok, I'll just cut them out.....ok, I'll just sew one....and magically, all six were done !    On my sewing table I have been keeping a growing pile of fabric pieces that were too small to put back in the drawers, and yet I couldn't bring myself to cut them into usable squares or rectangles or strips - and it was great to use these fabrics for the Block Lotto blocks where various sizes and shapes of one fabric are needed - without having an overwhelming fabric choice!

My mother is improving steadily, but it will be a long road to a reasonable recovery.  Our first choice of a care facility was a mistake and after three (sleepless for all) nights we moved her to a good place.  The new therapists have all been to assess her and are planning the continuing therapies she'll need.

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  1. They look great! It's going to be a stunning quilt.


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