31 March 2015

House gone, and a beach visit.

I couldn't bring myself to take photos of an emptying and empty house.  Although it was really hard work to get everything sorted out, packed up, sold off, given away or dumped, I am so glad that the process has ended, and the responsibility of my Mum's house is no more.  My sisters and various family members all helped in different ways.  The keys were passed to the estate agent last Thursday, and the legal transfer went without a hitch.

My mother continues to recover, and was even went on an all-day outing to Soetwater Reserve last Tuesday with a few of the more able frail-care residents.  Almost no-one else there except us.  But it was very windy!   I thought that there was a general invitation to family members, but I was the only one besides the staff!  But happy to have gone with Mum, and to assist a little.  The staff were magnificent.

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