26 April 2015

April Lotto blocks

For the last six months from time to time I've been opening the doors to my sewing room, standing in the doorway, and promising it, a la Arnold, that I will be back, soon!  Finally, a couple of weeks ago the time arrived, and I started the process of tidying and cleaning up in there so that I could get to my sewing machine and cutting mat!  A clean clear space is conducive to sewing, and these seven blocks for the April Block Lotto were the result.  They are 9" square with Made Fabric in the centres (and no Blogger, it is not centers) - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get lucky this month as I really like this block.  If you visit the Block Lotto site, click on the At A Glance tab to find the instructions for the current month, and on the About Us tab you will find pictures and links to all the previous months' blocks with the instructions - go try some!

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