11 November 2015

Weekly Work in Progress Update #1

Perhaps by noting during the week what I have been working on, might prompt me to keep on with each project and take more photos, so will add to an ongoing draft post each week, and schedule it to be posted a week from when I start to write  (it might be the only one ever written, lets see!!)...

Saturday:  spent the morning with my mother, using her bed as a design space to layout two quilts made jointly from the small scrap blocks by her, and the borders cut by me, and sewn by C.  Here is one possible layout.  Can't remember if this was a final layout, but all the blocks were picked up carefully, and the columns tagged, ready to be sewn.

Afternoon was a delightful visit with Seaside Quilters, working on 40-year-so-far-hexie project.

Any sewing in the week is limited to the evenings:

Sunday or Monday - hand sewed the really odd  inset seams to the 6-7-8 quilt.  This started off with hexagon shapes, then morphed with 7-sided shapes, and next step is to add the 8-sided shapes.  This has languished for about 5 years waiting for this sewing.

Tuesday:  suddenly the ideas floating around my head coalesced, and I sat and wrote the instructions for this mini-quilt before supper, and then thought I had better to check that they work!  It is intended as a kit in a Welcome to New Members at our regional Guild.

Went from this.....
...to this:

And then the sewing slump hit (mainly 'cos no time!), until Monday evening, when I pieced together a secret Christmas gift - no pictures until after the party in a couple of weeks!

06 November 2015

Last Friday night in the Harbour

Just a whack of happy snaps taken on a exciting boat ride in the Cape Town harbour at sunset.  We were part of a parade of light-decorated boats for the Round the World Yachts leaving the next day.  A howling south-easter reduced the numbers to about half of the 60 expected boats.  Lost our way in the dark coming back, nearly ended up in the container terminal instead of the yacht marina.

Yes, this is a pirate ship!

The masts of the yachts in the Round the World event

Pirate ship again - they were really partying hard

A very nice luxury yacht!