12 December 2015

Friday night Four-patches

Gold and neutral four-patches for Allietare Part 3.

I needed to haul out some fat quarters and bigger pieces as there was very little suitable pre-cut strips for the gold colour.  The neutral strips are all still coming from the left-overs from Celtic Solstice.

Bonnie has created a link-up so that you may see what other participants are doing - click on this LINK.

After all this time I've realised that I prefer it when the photos are in landscape orientation!

And today our neighbour's house is being used for a film location for a European advert.  The film company asked if they could put a light in our driveway....  is this supposed to be sunlight streaming through the window?


  1. I spy a Cat in the Hat! Looking great! I don't know about the light. Maybe they wanted sunlight, or maybe they just wanted something inside to be back lit and that was the only way to do it?

  2. These scrap quilts are never-ending - we make a scrap quilt, then make another with the scraps from that one, then another using those scraps, etc... It's fun, really!


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