30 December 2015

Not so sporadic quiltmaking, just sporadic blogging...

A serious stitching push has resulted in six quilt tops, and a seventh under way.

First three are from Bonnie Hunter's 2013 year-end mystery, Celtic Solstice.  During the mystery time I had cut enough to make the bigger size, but after quilting two king-sized quilts earlier this year, knew I didn't want another one that big, so made the first one double bed size.
Some (blurry) details:
Then worked on number two, about single bed size.  Changed most of the Crown block to be stars.

And still there were units left, so this was number three, which I think is my favourite!

 I am not apologising for the aircon unit in the way - I don't dare move it as the exhaust tubing is fragile, and with temperatures this week hovering around 35 deg Celcius (95 F) I want it working.


Next up was this Flying Geese from Block Lotto winnings.

Then two quilts from collaboration with Mum and daughter C:

Details of one of the block centres:
And Allietare! Part 5
Parts 1 to 4 - am really enjoying this mystery!  But I suspect I will have to make more of some of the units :(

Three more blocks for December Lotto:

And finally some in-between-seams sewing - actually quite a few more than this, but covered up by the current quilt on the design boards.
And these two hand pieced paper-based hexagons for our regional guild.  Talking of which, it has a colourful new web-site.

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