10 December 2015

Tuesday evening...

I worked on Celtic Solstice - added the first border, and sewed together the blocks for the second border.

And these are all the left-over part, this is a deep tray!  All the cutting was for the king-size quilt... silly me, what was I thinking!  It will be about 75" x 75" anyway!  It will be fun to play with the left-overs.

Dug out an old leader and ender box of pieces ready to make these scrappy stars.  They are only 4.5" square (finish at 4") and I have about 20 made, and all the parts for about 10 more.  I love them!

 And added the final row to this quilt - blocks won some time ago, to which I added the almost solid colour pieces.  Needs a border or two, but not sure what yet.

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