27 January 2016

Backing for old project and a new start

To get a quilt finished one has to have all the layers ready to go....so got out this top yesterday and played a bit with piecing the wonky back, and even found the right size batting.

And then tonight thought I would just look at the link for Pagan Quilters new project, the first blocks seemed easy enough, and yes they were... if I can catch up,  this might be doable. Must improve the contrasts though!  These are 3.5" squares, will finish at 3".  I'll share the links next time, trying to edit this on a tablet, and it's not quite the same as the laptop! paganqquilter.blogspot.com and  365challenge.com.au

25 January 2016

Happy Blues

Finished sewing up almost all of my blue strings into nine slabs.  Took about a third of the box of crumbs (it was too daunting to tackle the whole box!), starting with the smallest pieces, just adding pieces randomly or joining units to each other, trying to match sizes until all scraps used, then added the solids from strips I had reserved from the strings - it worked out just perfectly.  Will look at them for a few days before putting them in the box with the other rainbow colour blocks until I have a concrete idea for them.

18 January 2016

Monday Blues....

... or is that January blues!   This was the hall being set-up for a whole day sewing at my monthly quilt group on Saturday... we had a nice turn out of ladies using the time to sew and chat!  It seems that I spent too much time on the latter, as I managed to sew only one seam!  But that was after sorting all the blue strings into nine piles of similar lengths, and there were a lot!   Tonight I started by sewing the shortest length piles from light to dark, and then although I like them, got bored/tired... next pile is randomly sewn in pairs...to be  continued, as well as the last longest strings, when I next have time to sew. The slabs of blue are between 9  and 19 inches, and they remind me of the song from The Little Mermaid. .."....Under the sea, under the sea..."

14 January 2016

Allietare centre together...

Yay!   Took less time than I expected, and I am happy with it!  I absolutely love the way the secondary patterns emerge, especially the neutral blunt-cornered squares around the on-point neutral squares with the black cornerstones.  At a distance, some of my neutrals look grey so the contrast is a bit muted.

UPDATE:  Bonnie has a blogpost with a final link-up for Allietare participants - CLICK HERE to get to the post and scroll down to see links to the other blogs and instagrams and pinterests!   I haven't yet added the borders.

11 January 2016

08 January 2016

Planned Finishes.....

I had seen references to Finish-A-Long in the past, and had thought it might be just the thing to encourage some finishes, but my timing was always a bit off, until today!  I am joining in with the 2016 Finish-A-Long.  In the first week of each quarter participants need to list already started projects that they think they might finish, hopefully by the end of the quarter (no penalties if you don't!).  Then write a post when a quilt (or other hand-work) is quilted and bound - ie, fully finished!  Link up at the start and the end, for a chance to win some amazing sponsored goodies.  More information can be found at one of the volunteer organisers, Mrs Sew and Sow.

In my blog I have an draft page listing unfinished projects, dated 2012 - and, oh goodness me,  I can almost copy and paste the entire thing, problem is I don't even recognise one or two of them!  So, I ignored that, and instead trawled through the photos in my blog, and here goes, my incomplete UFO list, of which I would like at least the first three done and dusted:

1.  Kaffe Fasset's class "Sunlight in the Forest" - needs a back, batting, quilting and binding.

2.  Little Houses - my attempt at making a facing for this was unsatisfactory:  remove facing, trim the awkward shapes and finish (either new facing or binding).

3.  Top complete from Liberated Round Robin 2012.  Quilt,etc

4. Teddy Bears.  Quilt.etc

5.   I have an incomplete Colourwash wall-hanging, think it is ready to quilt, but I don't have a photo - this is a finished smaller quilt made from the left-over squares as a reminder!

6.  Split Triangles, was a leader/ender project - some blocks made, maybe enough for a small quilt.
  7.  Birds made for myself made from a Block Lotto block, think it needs another border, then quilt, etc.

8. to  15.  All tops need quilting, etc:   16+.  can't seem to get the pictures to be where I want them!!!


My lifetime project - deadline March 2018:

Tuesday evening...

Two more Allietare are blocks almost done, and some cutting for more Birds in the Air blocks.

04 January 2016

Allietare Mystery Progress

Eight out of 32 blocks and all the setting triangles pieced yesterday.   The rest are in sets just waiting for some sewing time.  I sat last evening and made a list of things to work on in January, carrying over what wasn't done in December, and starting with what to do today..... and I have not even looked at the lists today!  I knew that once back at work I would fade a bit - maybe tomorrow will be better!  (And I'm being distracted by Duolingo - learning some more beginner French, again!)
Please go and see all the other link-ups on Bonnie's page for this revealed mystery - in only three days there are totally finished quilts!!

Sophie's Block Lotto this month is a lovely Birds in the Air block, and these are my four.  I do hope to make some more, as Sophie's plan this year is to use Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour of each month.  January is blue with purple as a side, and I am overwhelmed by the quantity of scraps I have in blue!  Sophie also has two year-long mystery quilts happening, and I think I will join her in one of them.
A plus tard!   (See you later!)   Probably much later, as no sewing today.


03 January 2016

Kaffe class top done

Last July I took a design class with Kaffe Fasset based on his quilt Sunlight in the Forest.  The centre section was done almost immediately, and the borders were finally added  this weekend.  My intention going into the class was to have all greens, but that didn't work and it morphed into this.  I do like it, and so does my daughter who has just moved from home - and that's where it will be going as soon as it is quilted.  It was very windy yesterday, and it is large, and P is holding it up the best he could.

02 January 2016

New Year Day sewing

With the reveal of the finished mystery quilt very early on new years day, I had the whole day to work out how many more units I needed, only a few, so cut and made those, before making the two test blocks. Very happy with the result.