18 January 2016

Monday Blues....

... or is that January blues!   This was the hall being set-up for a whole day sewing at my monthly quilt group on Saturday... we had a nice turn out of ladies using the time to sew and chat!  It seems that I spent too much time on the latter, as I managed to sew only one seam!  But that was after sorting all the blue strings into nine piles of similar lengths, and there were a lot!   Tonight I started by sewing the shortest length piles from light to dark, and then although I like them, got bored/tired... next pile is randomly sewn in pairs...to be  continued, as well as the last longest strings, when I next have time to sew. The slabs of blue are between 9  and 19 inches, and they remind me of the song from The Little Mermaid. .."....Under the sea, under the sea..."

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