02 March 2016

Blocks, quilting and building

Little bits of progress on various projects. 

Four violet blocks for Block Lotto (black and white backgrounds) and eleven for the Old MacDonald Mystery (green backgrounds) for March.  

Up to date with 365Challenge (except the Birthday block which I'm keeping for later this month), all but one are 3.5 inch square unfinished, the one being 18.5 inch square.   NOT doing white/cream as light but medium and slightly lighter brights.

Got this on the quilt frame last week and quilted - I still need plenty of practice, but there are one or two areas I like - it is a quilt top done as a (own) Liberated Round Robin, a blogging group, long ago! 


 A bazillion one inch and three-quarter inch strips cut for an upcoming class on Saturday.
The rest of the pictures are of our bathrooms - nearly four weeks from the start and no clear view of the end date!!!!   It has taken us more than five years to start this renovation, so mustn't complain too much, except about the dust, and the grit, and the noise, and the dust....  and the plaster off the adjoinging bedroom wall - looks like maps of Australia and South Africa (artistic licence here!), and the builders tools in the main bedroom... new carpets at the end of this!

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