10 March 2016

March 1 to 10 of 365Challenge

Ten more 3 inch blocks from the 365Challlenge.  Some are definitely easier than others!  Some I don't think I want to make again, but wonder if making them bigger than 3.5-inch (unfinished) square might improve my feeling in that regard!  But I do eagerly await each day's block!   It's seriously a lot more fun than making 365 blocks all the same!

I have finally got my mind into gear and started working on the 2016 South African Quilt Teacher's Accreditation Course, the one I had to abandon two thirds of the way through it in 2014.  Lots of re-reading done, and I note my same panic as last time about my ability to do it, although I had actually passed all the modules I completed.  The one thing I remember from the last time was that something needs to be hard to learn to actual learn it!  If it is easy you are do not gain anything new!  The practicals are slightly different this time.  Curiously, it is quite traditional, making templates (bleah), whereas I prefer to rotary cut even very odd sizes in my own work (I love doing the maths to figure them out!).

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