16 June 2016

Catch up...

It's been some time since I wrote anything....nothing really exciting to talk about, just busy I guess.  No pictures this time (see why at the end).... I did sew the May block for at Pat Sloan's 2016 My Secret Garden Mystery and made May Lotto Blocks, three pairs of 6" Leaf Blocks for the draw and more for me, and made three 6" quarter bull's-eye blocks for June Lotto sneak peak, and really liked the technique so made 16 more,  and had a weekend quilting retreat where I was catching up nicely with 365 Challenge,  making 12 of the 6"blocks - this is now waaaayyy behind!

I was lucky to win the Lotto again with the pairs of leaves and I plan to combine the Violet blocks with the Leaves.

We had some bad luck in the past couple of weeks, first my car was rear-ended, not much damage but car will be in the workshop for a week to sort out, and then last week we had a day-time burglary and my old and new, my husband's and my mother's laptops were taken as well as my tablet, and one quilt top (from a pile in a bag they emptied out to use the bag!).  My life was on my laptops - photos, quilt stuff, and lots more!  Have a new one, but have long weeks ahead to catch up on data and work lost (getting my daughter to do some data-capture for me).

The neighbours across the road captured the break-in and departure on one of their surveillance cameras, but don't think it will help our seriously over-worked/under-skilled police to find the perpetrators.   Eek, it took me three hours to clean the finger-print dust off the still-to-be used brand-new bathroom fittings and floor and off the electrical things not taken but packed by them and left in the bathroom.  Entry was made via the bathroom window, and we suspect that they were workers with one of the contractors we've had here over the past four months, as they seemed to know exactly where to go and not go in the house.  The alarm unfortunately didn't trigger immediately cause they left when it did and before the security guys arrived!  Oh! the Joy of South African Life!

Haven't had a moment since to sew or think about sewing!  But school holidays loom, and my work is quieter then, so should get some respite and time to sew. 

Pictures next time - maybe!