22 October 2016

Reading fix fixed!

After the last post I did add back all the links to Blogs I Like Reading.  I know there are other ways of keeping reading lists, like Bloglovin, but I think that means signing up and logging in to yet another site (that will probably send you a bazillion reminder emails!).   I like this list just where is it, cause then I can take a quick peek when it's tea-time at work to see what's newly written.  It's also nice to see these lists on other blogs as I like to see what these Bloggers enjoy reading!  I have this blog bookmarked in the Toolbar so it's an easy click-through!   Admittedly, I am a compulsive reader!

The last few weeks were busy, my Regional Quilt Guild hosted a three-day event of classes and exhibition. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom and click on the Fynbos in the Boland link...and in the last picture in the gallery at the bottom, that's me in the red jersey spending all my money!  There was a cold snap and I had only taken summer clothes, and only afterwards realised that's why it wasn't as much fun as ususal.

I had the pleasure and honour of being a scribe in the judging room, and the cynic in me regarding quilt judging has been quelled, my respect for the process has grown exponentially!  Then helped transport and  hang the quilts.  No, regretfully, I didn't enter a quilt (maybe next time), nor take a class, nor take any photos!  I did sew the grand total of one, and almost another, 16" blocks for Pat Sloan's Secret Garden, Block of the Month (that was June and July blocks, so catching up!)

It's tax return season here - so have to pay attention to that side of work/my life until end of November, by then I will be very much more than ready to sew.

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  1. Glad you have your list back where it is most useful -- little things like that really do matter.


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