12 February 2017


I was surprised today to see that this will be my 200th public post - that took sometime to get to after nearly 8 years!  I started writing early in 2009 with the intention of just sharing with my sister in Australia, after a trip there to visit her.  But down the line there were others family members that wanted to see the pictures as well.

All that has been sewn in the last couple of weeks are these three 8"" blocks for the February Block Lotto   The top two blocks have the same green fabric, yet they look like slightly different shades of green.

I am in a serious state of  "count-down hours" - my daughter Terri will be here from Wales this time tomorrow - it's been about four years since she we saw her last.  She can't wait for the hot weather and I am really looking forward to having her here, and we both will be busy with a new-baby quilt for my first Great Nephew, born just last week.

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