26 March 2017

Red Centre and Flowers

March is my favourite month, hmm, I wonder why that is!   These beautiful flowers were given to me of Friday, with a song from some of the children who attend my sister's school, and where I work a couple of afternoons a week.  I was a little late, and they had been waiting for me to arrive!

And a Red Centre is together!  I am linking up Rainbow Scrap Challenge - go and see how others are using Red this month. I was trying to see which is the best way to stand in relation to the sun to take photos, no flash, using Nokia N9 phone camera.  None of these show the colours as they are.
Sun on my right on the pathway between gate and front door.

Sun behind me on the grass.  This is closest to the actual colours

Facing the sun on the grass

On the design wall, window blinds open, standing lamp on

21 March 2017

Red Strips and Blue Stars

Every month I deliberate over what to do with the Colour of the Month over at SoScrappy, usually ending up by just sewing strata of strips, and hoping that some inspriation will come in the future!  Well, until this month when Angela announced that March would be Red (that stirs my Welsh blood!), and when I espied the wonderful scrappy blocks of Wanda's, there was no hesitation!  I started 20 blocks, and 16 are trimmed to 9.5".  I have almost depleted my box of red strings which is a good feeling.   I started the centres with small crumbs, adding the shorter strings first and then the longer strings, and finally dug out 2" and 2.5" strips to finish off, but also needed to actually cut some more strips from well matured reds.  They are much brighter than this indoor photo.


And these are my blocks for the March Block Lotto  They are 8" finished. Keeping my fingers crossed to win this month!