27 June 2017

Catch up report

Lots of things to talk about... some sewing, a little baby, some life.   Have felt very otherwise of late, so totally short on pictures!   Couldn't not have pictures, so just some blurry-indoor-at-night ones!

A weekend quilt retreat does wonders for the soul, and helps to jump ahead with languishing projects!   Although almost a month ago now, the good feeling remains.   At the retreat, I firstly added the only border to the orphan block quilt and pieced a back for it, and gladly handed it to another quilter to had volunteered to finish it.   Then moved on to getting the centre of Baby C's quilt stitched (and have since added it's only border).  Ready to be quilted.

Half of C's quilt
 Added the narrow inner border and the outer border to Allietare. Spent the last bit of time stitching up the last of the En Provence blocks - have gone totally off the project.

Allietare - ready to be quilted....
 All of that gave me the impetus to finish Red Centre - yay, one finish for this quarter.  (Go and see what other 2017 FALs have happened, at Mrs Sew & Sow).  It is the comforter for the care bed in the preschool classroom (where I work admin some afternoons).

Red Centre - in situ
This is the bed for a preschooler who needs a rest, but not at floor level... see the stairs up to it.
Red Centre being held up by a five-year-old

Back of Red Centre

Quilting detail on back of Red Centre

Every Thursday evening at the Quilt Group I have two to three hours to "do something" .... and this is usually to either trim up any off-cuts and left-overs from finished projects, or hand sew the Lifelong Hexie or prep something.  (Plus there is always Tea Time.)  A couple of weeks ago I decided to start sorting the boxes of trimmed squares, rectangles and strips into colours... not very exciting!   (Took one of the boxes with me when visiting my Mum, and she seemed to enjoy sorting and looking at the fabrics, so will do the rest with her.  We think she might have had another small TIA recently as she has slowed down noticably in the last few weeks. (That was two weeks ago, and she has perked up amazingly!)

But the week after sorting the 2-inch squares, an offer of a quilt along by one of the bloggers I read using 2-inch squares was too good to pass-up.   So this is what I have produced so far, and have only had to cut about half a dozen orange squares, plus lots of greens and purples for the 5th block (not finished yet).  There are 20 15-inch blocks in the series, but might mix things up by making some with 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch squares.

In amongst all this my niece had a baby girl bestowed with the delightful name of Grace - well done to Mum, Dad, Nana Jacky (my sister).  Just need to remember what fabrics she wanted for the baby quilt....!  She promises to come around and choose again!

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  1. What a wonderful finish! I have never made a single colour quilt but this has definitely inspired me. Thank you for being part of the 2017FAL - from the FAL hosts.


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