22 October 2012

Week-end and Milestones

Yay!  On last Thursday evening I finally completed my four-year long marathon of taming my scraps.  Last November I wrote that I estimated that I had another year to go, and my estimate was almost spot on!  Thank-you, Bonnie.   Sorting and trimming these scraps at home would have been boring beyond belief, but sitting for 2 to 3 hours almost every Thursday evening talking with quilting friends and sharing the history of some of the fabrics was worth the reward of now having usable pieces.   I have been making notes of various quilts and blocks that can use these specifically sized pieces.  One quilt that I have wanted to do since I first saw one in an art gallery in about 1976 was (what I now know as) a colour-wash postage-stamp quilt (I do wish I knew who had made that one so long ago).

On Saturday morning went to the Stoep Quilters Exhibition - a lovely experience, especially their Christmas theme, and to Creative Quilters meeting in the afternoon - all inspired and fired-up after seeing the show and tell of these industrious ladies.

My amazingly creative mother has been taking the tiny left over pieces (from the scrap-taming) and playing!  With her help, maybe those charity quilts will all get done (done 6 - 7,8 and 9 waiting for quilting!)

Less than a week and my younger daughter will be home from a year in Australia, lots of re-arranging house and clearing out to accommodate her and my older daughter and partner who will be home in November from Wales.  Will be wonderful to have a full house again, if only for a few months!

Yesterday spent sewing some more rounds on the pineapple blocks, and re-visited the Just Takes 2 blocks (groan, so far behind!), but did finally complete the list of WIPs (was pleased to see I could cross off two that had been finished since I started making the list!) - but horror of horrors! the list is over 30 quilts in various stages of completion, as well as a number of embroidery projects.  My commitment to myself is finish one every fortnight (estimate that by December 2013 will only have new projects under way - LOL).

My older Pfaff 1212 machine needed a service (so I thought), but was told the motor was not fixable... hmm... P thinks not, so he took the whole thing apart, removed the motor, took it to be rewound (or something!), has put the machine back together again, it works, but NOW it needs servicing - I think it will be back to normal soon.  There is one part over, a small plastic cover-plate, definitely not a moving part.  Thank goodness for T's Pfaff, which is a similar model, to look at and see where everything needed to go back!

Pictures next time (maybe!)

Have a good quilting day!

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