25 June 2013

Geese, ships and stars and mountains

This evening, after catching up on some voluntary accounting (for my sister's school), I got some sewing done - last but one seam on the pieced picture, and four tall ships for this month's block lotto, and two in-betweener stars, trying out the 6" size that I (well, my mother mostly at the last two Thursday evenings at the quilt group) had picked out squares and rectangles for.   I have now received 11 out of anticipated 16 envelopes filled with flying geese blocks, once they are all here, I'll take some photos!  The doorbell rang today, and through the intercom a voice says, you've got an envelope from Canada - my sweet postman, so I opened the envelope to show him the contents.  A few years ago, when my office was just down the road, he would often bring my small packages there, although they had the home address on them, I think just to chat! I am seldom at home in the day-time, so it was a nice encounter.  We generally don't have parcels delivered, only if they are really small and light, normally we get a card saying parcel to be collected from Post Office, and if a foreign parcel, normally customs and vat to be paid!

This is supposed to be the back of Table Mountain in the distance (about 15km), with one of the highway catchment ponds in the foreground - I am in awe of this mountain every day, living in it's shadow is a privilege!

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