15 July 2013

Another house, more birds and Eep

Blogger still won't let me upload photos, it might be my folder name has odd characters, so just used Picasa, which may be easier anyway!

Had fussy cut the cat fabric, so made another house lotto block.

And loved these birds from April - had kept out the fabrics with which I had made the first few for the lotto but turned out too small or I used the wrong backgrounds, just waiting for a day to make some more, and so I now have!  Some of them are much longer than the original called for, and have mixed up the backgrounds.

And a gratuitous blurry picture of Eep.  (She who rules the roost.)

14 July 2013

No photos...

... well, I started writing a blog post, but don't seem to be able to upload photos, so will keep it until tomorrow.... maybe I can find a picture online... ahh found this one I took in Bareges, France, from which I  created a small abstract in 2011, and finally started the hand-quilting on Saturday...

08 July 2013

July Block Lotto

Half enjoyed making these three blocks, mainly because I don't generally buy novelty fabrics, so my choice of interesting occupants appearing in the windows and doors was very limited!

Lost photos found

Here are the second and third last blocks, and thought to show the backs of the blocks.

 And the quilt top made by my mother, just waiting for narrow red border.  It is a log cabin variation, diagonal rows of two size blocks.

07 July 2013

Almost finishes

Had a marathon sewing session today and now have two big quilt tops ready for borders, etc.!!!! And made 3 in-between stars.  And tidied up some of the left over fabrics.  Photos soon.

05 July 2013

Little news, some sewing

I don't know why I have such long gaps between posts!   Am working on very last Just Takes 2 block, but don't know what happened to the photos of the last two finished ones!  On Sunday my niece had a High Tea afternoon with her girl friends (we were supposed to wear hats and gloves and be dressed in pastel colours) to celebrate her upcoming 21st birthday.  The Easy Street layout - yesterday, 4 seams to go now!
One in-between star

My lovely girl Claire, who made the cake and did most of the catering

My niece Nicola and my sister Cheryl

The cake with Smarties in the centre

My mother Denise who sewed up the tablecloths and overlays, and another niece, Alex.
Niece Catherine

Layout of Easy Street
Fourth last block - Just Takes 2