06 July 2017

Plans for Quarter 3

For this quarter I would like to finish all of my projects.  Seriously?  No chance!
Linking up with one of the organisers, Cut & Alter: Q3 FAL Link-up  

So I will limit myself to finishing at least this one, C's baby quilt:

I will work on some others, just to keep them moving along:

This watercolour needs to quilting and bound.

Add more of the flowers, on at least three Thursday evenings each month:

These are part of my growing store of small wonky windmill blocks, in an wide variety of colours and sizes.  They are pieced as leaders and enders. When the 2-litre container is full, will add borders to each of them.  That's the plan so far!  Could take a long time!

Continue to make these fun blocks, but my stock of 2-inch squares might need some replenishment!


  1. Beautiful projects! Good luck!

  2. That baby quilt is mighty pretty. Would like to see a photo of it outside in the sunlight!

  3. Hexagons are a labour of love, yours look very pretty, a beautiful rainbow of colour. Good luck with your goals.

  4. I'm so happy to see you started the Controlled Chaos quilt! I have only made two blocks so far. I need to catch up! I made a change in one of the blocks and wish I hadn't. So.. should I re-do it? That's my conundrum.

  5. Hi, Karen! You left a couple of comments on my blog but you are a "no reply" blogger and I can't find your email in order to reply back to you!

    Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting


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