09 January 2021

A Pink Quilt

I am always fairly optimistic at the beginning of a new year, my head filled with what I believe I can/will achieve.  The feeling will last at least another week, until my summer leave is over!  But meantime I have been playing with old blocks and bits.
For many years I have carefully trimmed all of my crazy accumulated scraps in Bonnie Hunters Scrap User's System and filed them away in appropriately marked boxes.  Then for the past few years I have participated in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, with Angela's enouragement to us to use our fabrics with her declared monthly colour.  What we sew is our own choice, and so I had made a variety of different blocks, and these too got filed away!   Am linking up with her today,
I have now started to use some of these blocks, if only to make way for more. 
Postage stamp quilt number two.  Using the 8-inch blocks, this was one of the draft layouts back in early December.  When I was happy with the layout I stacked the columns ready to sew.
This was the start of assembling the columns on New Year's Day.
 And it became a finished top.  48-inch by 64-inch

We have been making a "row a month" blocks with my monthly quilt group.  These cute 6-inch sailboat blocks were for December's row.  

I find it very hard to resist Bonnie Hunter's year-end mystery, and these are the 60 sashing units for Grassy Creek.
I have two storage boxes with parts and sample blocks, and a couple of times in the past I have tried to organise these into usable groups.  I have made a couple of quilts in a mixed row style, but struggled to get some cohesion from the variety of blocks, sizes and colours.  After seeing what Cathy managed to do last year with her Creature quilts, the light bulb moment hit on Wednesday, and so sorted all of these units into separate colours.  Pink being January's colour, started by playing with a layout in anything with pink .

And, today, by adding in some longer strips, had this top complete!  51-inch by 71-inch.  The memories of some of those units stretch back to the 1980s, from left-over blocks won in local guild challenges (the others were made into a quilt for my late mother-in-law), to Block Lotto winnings, to extra blocks from quilts for two nieces, to fabric from skirts.  And there are still quite a few pink blocks left for next year!


  1. Such wonderful progress on your PINK scraps by finishing up the top of your "Creature" quilt!!

  2. An amazing top, by just adding the strips. The postage blocks make a rainbow of happiness and it will make one smile, on the most difficult days. Bonnie Hunter makes my fingers itch to start one of her mystery quilts, alas I have to remind myself of the other projects on the go that is just as intensive and hungry caterpillar quilt patterns, they nimble the scraps and fabrics at a fast rate. Looking forward to seeing your mystery top.

  3. I love your Pink Quilt. Adding those strips was definitely the right choice.

  4. The pink quilt is gorgeous. Very interesting border.

  5. You have certainly made a good start to the year.

  6. That pink top is amazing! Love the postage stamp top as well. Looks like you are getting a lot done so far. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  7. WOW! Your colorful postage stamps are delightful and OOOOOH that pink! What fun to visit you today.

  8. Your Postage Stamp quilt is gorgeous and I've been enamored by your sailboats earlier. Keep sewing those, please! What a beautiful surprise finish ... your Creature quilt! Love it and the inspiration from others and to others continues!


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