06 July 2017

Plans for Quarter 3

For this quarter I would like to finish all of my projects.  Seriously?  No chance!
Linking up with one of the organisers, Cut & Alter: Q3 FAL Link-up  

So I will limit myself to finishing at least this one, C's baby quilt:

I will work on some others, just to keep them moving along:

This watercolour needs to quilting and bound.

Add more of the flowers, on at least three Thursday evenings each month:

These are part of my growing store of small wonky windmill blocks, in an wide variety of colours and sizes.  They are pieced as leaders and enders. When the 2-litre container is full, will add borders to each of them.  That's the plan so far!  Could take a long time!

Continue to make these fun blocks, but my stock of 2-inch squares might need some replenishment!

27 June 2017

Catch up report

Lots of things to talk about... some sewing, a little baby, some life.   Have felt very otherwise of late, so totally short on pictures!   Couldn't not have pictures, so just some blurry-indoor-at-night ones!

A weekend quilt retreat does wonders for the soul, and helps to jump ahead with languishing projects!   Although almost a month ago now, the good feeling remains.   At the retreat, I firstly added the only border to the orphan block quilt and pieced a back for it, and gladly handed it to another quilter to had volunteered to finish it.   Then moved on to getting the centre of Baby C's quilt stitched (and have since added it's only border).  Ready to be quilted.

Half of C's quilt
 Added the narrow inner border and the outer border to Allietare. Spent the last bit of time stitching up the last of the En Provence blocks - have gone totally off the project.

Allietare - ready to be quilted....
 All of that gave me the impetus to finish Red Centre - yay, one finish for this quarter.  (Go and see what other 2017 FALs have happened, at Mrs Sew & Sow).  It is the comforter for the care bed in the preschool classroom (where I work admin some afternoons).

Red Centre - in situ
This is the bed for a preschooler who needs a rest, but not at floor level... see the stairs up to it.
Red Centre being held up by a five-year-old

Back of Red Centre

Quilting detail on back of Red Centre

Every Thursday evening at the Quilt Group I have two to three hours to "do something" .... and this is usually to either trim up any off-cuts and left-overs from finished projects, or hand sew the Lifelong Hexie or prep something.  (Plus there is always Tea Time.)  A couple of weeks ago I decided to start sorting the boxes of trimmed squares, rectangles and strips into colours... not very exciting!   (Took one of the boxes with me when visiting my Mum, and she seemed to enjoy sorting and looking at the fabrics, so will do the rest with her.  We think she might have had another small TIA recently as she has slowed down noticably in the last few weeks. (That was two weeks ago, and she has perked up amazingly!)

But the week after sorting the 2-inch squares, an offer of a quilt along by one of the bloggers I read using 2-inch squares was too good to pass-up.   So this is what I have produced so far, and have only had to cut about half a dozen orange squares, plus lots of greens and purples for the 5th block (not finished yet).  There are 20 15-inch blocks in the series, but might mix things up by making some with 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch squares.

In amongst all this my niece had a baby girl bestowed with the delightful name of Grace - well done to Mum, Dad, Nana Jacky (my sister).  Just need to remember what fabrics she wanted for the baby quilt....!  She promises to come around and choose again!

04 April 2017

Second Quarter Hopes

It was with high hopes that I listed the first quarter "finishes"!    I did sew a little, on a handful of the En Provence blocks and the Red Centre, but nothing was finished!  Work and Life got really busy, but on Thursday evenings at the weekly quilt group I continue to trim up and cut out in preparation for when I can sneak in some sewing time.  Next month we have a weekend retreat, that should be productive.

So, perhaps I should not be so ambitious this quarter.... oh, really?   These are some of my projects that I would like to get done, and sent on to good homes.  I am linking up with the 2017 Q2 FinishALong with Mrs Sew and Sow.

First one up:  Baby quilt for my grand nephew!  I have bought some, and have found some, suitable fabrics but need a few more, and to do some planning, before cutting and sewing:

No 2:  The Red Centre - add a small border, quilt and finish;

No 3:  Colourwash - still needs to be quilted and finished:

 No 4:  The Birds -- find a backing, quilt, finish: 

 No 5:   Split Triangles:   Play and sew blocks together, quilt,etc

No 6:  Lovely, Lonely Blocks:   add border, quilt etc  This is not one of my tops, but some of my fabrics were used to put the blocks together at a quilt group meeting - destined to be donated in June:

No 7:  Curvy Squares - from a class taken, needs quilting and finishing:

No 8: One-patch Hexis:  I had a stack of these larger-circles-folded-into-hexagons from a demo I did at a Guild meeting.  They are stitched together - needs quilting and finishing! 

I think that is enough, and if even half get done I will be happy!

26 March 2017

Red Centre and Flowers

March is my favourite month, hmm, I wonder why that is!   These beautiful flowers were given to me of Friday, with a song from some of the children who attend my sister's school, and where I work a couple of afternoons a week.  I was a little late, and they had been waiting for me to arrive!

And a Red Centre is together!  I am linking up Rainbow Scrap Challenge - go and see how others are using Red this month. I was trying to see which is the best way to stand in relation to the sun to take photos, no flash, using Nokia N9 phone camera.  None of these show the colours as they are.
Sun on my right on the pathway between gate and front door.

Sun behind me on the grass.  This is closest to the actual colours

Facing the sun on the grass

On the design wall, window blinds open, standing lamp on

21 March 2017

Red Strips and Blue Stars

Every month I deliberate over what to do with the Colour of the Month over at SoScrappy, usually ending up by just sewing strata of strips, and hoping that some inspriation will come in the future!  Well, until this month when Angela announced that March would be Red (that stirs my Welsh blood!), and when I espied the wonderful scrappy blocks of Wanda's, there was no hesitation!  I started 20 blocks, and 16 are trimmed to 9.5".  I have almost depleted my box of red strings which is a good feeling.   I started the centres with small crumbs, adding the shorter strings first and then the longer strings, and finally dug out 2" and 2.5" strips to finish off, but also needed to actually cut some more strips from well matured reds.  They are much brighter than this indoor photo.


And these are my blocks for the March Block Lotto  They are 8" finished. Keeping my fingers crossed to win this month!

12 February 2017


I was surprised today to see that this will be my 200th public post - that took sometime to get to after nearly 8 years!  I started writing early in 2009 with the intention of just sharing with my sister in Australia, after a trip there to visit her.  But down the line there were others family members that wanted to see the pictures as well.

All that has been sewn in the last couple of weeks are these three 8"" blocks for the February Block Lotto   The top two blocks have the same green fabric, yet they look like slightly different shades of green.

I am in a serious state of  "count-down hours" - my daughter Terri will be here from Wales this time tomorrow - it's been about four years since she we saw her last.  She can't wait for the hot weather and I am really looking forward to having her here, and we both will be busy with a new-baby quilt for my first Great Nephew, born just last week.

18 January 2017

January Block Lotto Blocks

The Blocks for the January Lotto are red String pieced Hearts.  We were asked to share how we make the blocks so I took some process photos.

From the box of red strings selected a range of longer ones.

Then decide which to put next to which -  ummm, that usually gets mixed up at some stage of the sewing!

Picked up first two and stitch, and then chain-piece each of the other pairs.

I cut apart the pairs and lay them down again.   I now sew these pairs into fours, but I sew from the other direction - this means that I have sewn half the seams in one direction and the other half in the other direction and this sort-of keeps the slabs of strings from curving too much.   I try to align all the ends on one side.

I press all the seams in one direction.

For the heart blocks we had to cut two rectangles - look! bits left-over to start the next one!

We added the white squares on the corners, but I like to sew another seam and keep the extra half-triangle squares for a some-day project.

On the left is the final Heart Block.
I followed the same process for one below.  The one on the left I made by adding smaller then bigger red triangles in a circular arrangement until the made fabric was big enough.

And then stitched up the extra made HST squares into little wonky windmills to add to the growing pile!   The blog header picture shows lots of green and white wonky windmills bordered with scrap purple strips - but that's as far as those have gone!

14 January 2017

Mid January plans

I hope to be more successful than last year with finishes, so to get off on a positive start I am linking up today with the 2017 Finish A  Long with Mrs Sew and Sow... more of that after some good news!

I was very pleased that P finally agreed to have aircon fitted, not only in my sewing room, but in the lounge as well.  I had to pull the frame away for the wall and cover everything with drop cloths.... but still the dust from drilling gets into places you least expect!  Upshot was after one day beforehand of moving things, two days of installation, and two days of scrubbing floors and cleaning dust (and accumulated fabric dust!) off all surfaces, rearranging... yay! a lovely cool tidy space!

And with a nice clean space in which to work I finished piecing this back for the Pat Sloan's 2016 block of the month quilt top.  I took all the leftover bits and added only three more fat quarters.
Lots of fun, and plenty of partial seams!

So last Thursday while I was waiting for the workmen to arrive, I made a list of my projects in progress and what needs to still be done or the next steps at least... somewhat more projects than I thought!   So from this long list I've picked a few that could/maybe/possibly get finished this quarter, and if life gets to busy, never mind, they will wait patiently for me!  I was pleased when looking for these photos to find I had finished four of the quilts listed this time last year.

No 1:  Colourwash - needs to be quilted and finished

No 2:  Allietare -  it's further along than this, needs borders, backing, quilting and finishing

No 3: En Provence:  every 3" unit is cut and sewn, and all these 841 units need to be put into blocks and sashing, then quilt etc
No 4: Old MacDonald Mystery Quilt - Put together the few blocks that are done and maybe add a few more:

 No 5:   The Birds - find a backing, quilt, finish:

No 6:  Split Triangles:   Play and sew blocks together, quilt,etc

No 7:  Lovely, Lonely Blocks:   add border, quilt etc  This is not one of my tops, but some of my fabrics were used to put the blocks together at a quilt group meeting - destined to be donated in June:

No 8:  One-patch Hexis:  I had a stack of these larger circles folded into hexagons from a demo I did at a Guild meeting.  They are stitched together - need quilting and finishing!

9.  Curvy Squares - from a class taken, needs quilting and finishing:

10. Orca Bay...yes, again quilt and finish!

If you've read this far, thank-you.  If you are part of the 2017FAL, good luck with your finishes this quarter.